Tweezers Are a Girl’s Best Friend

17 Apr

I don’t know if this only happens to me, but having toddlers in the house causes things to come up missing.  Some things I can forgive and forget. But when I went to get my tweezers the other day from the spot I ALWAYS keep them and they weren’t there, I had to gasp and then take a deep breath!  OK, OK, I should know better than to put valuables two feet off the ground, even if they are in a drawer.

Luckily for everyone this turned out for the best.  I went to Walgreen’s to find another pair of tweezers and after looking at my options I decided on the Revlon Expert brand (mostly because they were on sale).

I have been so happy with these that I am afraid my eyebrows are getting a little thin!  These babies make for precision plucking.  Some may be asking, “Why don’t you just wax?”  Call me crazy, but tweezing is like therapy!

Watch this video for a tutorial on shaping and plucking eyebrows and let the fun begin.  I still do not have the razor she uses, but if you end up using it, you have to let me know how it works!

Taylor Swift Ringlets

6 Mar

I have been wondering how Taylor Swift does her hair for years.  Well, I purchased a Hot Tools tapered curling iron on friday and I can finally create those gorgeous ringlets!  Let’s just say it was a fabulous friday! It is easy and literally only takes five to ten minutes depending on how much hair you are working with.  Now I just need to grow my hair out…..

I was honored to be able to do the up-do’s for a fashion show my church put on Friday night so I got plenty of practice with my new find.

Youth Fashion Show

Youth Fashion Show

I realize that some of you probably think this is old news, but here in my neck of the woods we get the fashions a little late.  I was only tipped off to this tool last month by a friend, and then noticed someone purchasing it at the beauty supply store a few weeks ago.  SO, my kids will be wearing ringlets all over town and I will be beaming as I watch their hair boing and bounce!

This hair-do put a spring in her step!

Watch this video for a how-to and make sure if you are going to purchase a clampless curling iron it comes with a heat protectant glove.  This makes it much more easy to use.

Go to to buy the Hot Tools brand or ask your stylist about it.  I like Hot Tools brand because, like the name says, they get hot!  You only have to hold the hair on for 10 seconds on medium heat.  I have had Hot Tools curling irons for over ten years that still work great!  If you find another brand you like and would recommend, I would love to hear about it.

Madly Truly Deeply

28 Feb

Three words to describe how I feel about my flat-iron! I currently use a T3 Narrow Duality  that I stumbled upon at a Marshall’s for $50.  That was a good hair day!  With so many flat-irons on the market, which one is for you?  Check out and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask me!

I love this little beauty even more now that I took the time to clean it.  It glides much more smoothly now, imagine that!  Cleaning your flat-iron is simple and I would recommend doing it once a month, not once every 4 years as was my record.  All you do is take a Q-tip and dip it in either warm water, alcohol, or multi-purpose cleaner.  (I had to use the later seeing how filthy mine was.)  Rub until clean!  “Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy” as Judy Moody would say…..she is on the brain since my first grader just finished one of her books.  If you want to liven up a dull day, read a Judy Moody book, or even better, have your first grader read it to you while you flat-iron her hair!

Before the cleaning

Before the cleaning.

After the cleaning.  Good as new!

After the cleaning. Good as new!


“Why isn’t this tight?”

16 Feb

“Why isn’t this tight?”

If you have heard those words coming from your children after doing their hair, then you and I can relate.

My latest “why isn’t this tight” remark actually caused laughter instead of tears (from both parties!) because my daughter happened to say it as I was rinsing my mom’s color out in the bathtub over Christmas.

We were doing acrobatics with my mom upside down under the tap and me twisting in crazy fashion trying to reach her forehead when my six and a half  year old daughter walks in yanking at her ponytail and in aggravation says, “Why isn’t this tight?”

I was thinking that this was probably not the best time for her to say that because I have shampoo all over and am trying to hurry so as not to stain the bathtub and the baby will be crying any moment to be fed and who knows what havic my son is causing.

My mom started laughing though and she says, “Your mom used to say that all the time.”

I told my mom “sorry” right then and there because I now know how annoying it is when you have slicked and pulled and hairsprayed and you just can’t get that hair tight enough. She started laughing even harder and said, “Don’t say sorry because that is what got you here today, and me for that matter!”

So we were laughing and my daughter forgot about her ponytail and that was that!

If you have any tips on getting ponytails tighter, I would LOVE to hear them! Braids I can handle, but ponytails and pigtails are tricky for me……

I Heart Hair

13 Feb


Sorry this is a litte late.  I hope someone will be able to use this tomorrow!

A year ago I was introduced to this sweet hair-do and have loved it every since.  (Thanks Meshan!)  It only takes 5 minutes once you get the hang of it.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day but “lovely” any other day of the year!
Here’s how to do this hair-do:
Step 1: Pull hair into a low ponytail.  If possible, use a clear elastic.  (I forgot on this one, oops.)
Step 2: Put your pointer finger in the middle of the ponytail and then join your middle finger with it.  You are making a hole to bring the hair up through.
Step 3: Pull the ponytail up through the hole.  (May be some crying here, don’t sweat, just keep pulling.  Makes them tough.)
Step 4: Divide the hair into two equal sections.
Step 5: Twist one section towards head, forming top of heart.  You can either use bobby pins or little clips to secure.  I love the goodie brand baby clips.  I also so got some from the dollar store that are decent.
Step 6: Repeat twist on other side and secure.
Step 7: If hair is shoulder blade length, you can finish here with one or two more clips.  Because my oldest daughter’s hair is down to the middle of her back, I take the two sections and twist them together at this point.
Step 8: Tuck the twisted end up and under to hide it.  Use bobby pins to secure.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  We are working on our photography skills and one day hope to do these with video, won’t that be fun?  (Good thing for my main man and his mad skills!)