“Why isn’t this tight?”

16 Feb

“Why isn’t this tight?”

If you have heard those words coming from your children after doing their hair, then you and I can relate.

My latest “why isn’t this tight” remark actually caused laughter instead of tears (from both parties!) because my daughter happened to say it as I was rinsing my mom’s color out in the bathtub over Christmas.

We were doing acrobatics with my mom upside down under the tap and me twisting in crazy fashion trying to reach her forehead when my six and a half  year old daughter walks in yanking at her ponytail and in aggravation says, “Why isn’t this tight?”

I was thinking that this was probably not the best time for her to say that because I have shampoo all over and am trying to hurry so as not to stain the bathtub and the baby will be crying any moment to be fed and who knows what havic my son is causing.

My mom started laughing though and she says, “Your mom used to say that all the time.”

I told my mom “sorry” right then and there because I now know how annoying it is when you have slicked and pulled and hairsprayed and you just can’t get that hair tight enough. She started laughing even harder and said, “Don’t say sorry because that is what got you here today, and me for that matter!”

So we were laughing and my daughter forgot about her ponytail and that was that!

If you have any tips on getting ponytails tighter, I would LOVE to hear them! Braids I can handle, but ponytails and pigtails are tricky for me……

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3 Responses to ““Why isn’t this tight?””

  1. Emily 17. Feb, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    Go Mom! She has a great perspective. : ) When my hair was long, thick hair elastics helped, some people use two. It might help…

    • Ruth 18. Feb, 2011 at 8:03 am #

      I will bust out two elastics next time! Thanks!

  2. JoAnna Morris 25. Feb, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    Ruth! I happened to check in to my old email address and got your email about this blog! I’m so excited to read every post! YAY