Lice? Not nice.

11 Mar

The dreaded letter came home from our kids’ elementary school.  You know the one.  Printed on pink paper so you won’t miss it.  The one announcing a lice problem at the school and what to look for.   When I saw my best friend go through an outbreak at her kids school last year I knew I was in trouble if that ever happened to us.  After she found a couple of lice eggs in her daughters hair, she slathered mayonaise on everyone in their family, TWICE, just to be safe!  The word alone gives me the heeby jeebies.   That would lend to a very stale day, having to wash everything in the entire house for fear of lice spreading rampantly through 7 people.  Oh, and a dog.  Do dogs get lice?

Luckily, the secretary at school, Ms. Dye (had a fond place in my heart for her the very first time I heard her name)  eased my anxiety a bit when she told me that the the best way to prevent lice was to use hairspray.  OH YA!  I fall short in a lot of places, but that is one place I am not lacking, the hairspray department!  Kenra #25 (you know, the BIG can) has been and will yet remain my number one choice of arsenal in my fight for good hair around here!

For information on what lice and nits (lice eggs, yick) look like and how to treat, click here.

I’ve gotta stop now because my scalp is itching!  Bye!

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