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Basic bang trim

22 Apr


Begin by sectioning off bangs.

I go straight up from the edge of one eye

up and around to the edge of the other eye.

Then hold the bangs between your fingers.

Next, pull bangs into the center of the face. This will create a slightly rounded bang.

Here comes the first cut! A general rule of thumb for bang length when cutting on wet hair is the bridge of the nose. (the hair will shrink after it dries) I am doing this on dry hair so I did eyebrow length.

You did it! You could stop here if you want to.......

This next step softens the blunt edge. Take a 3/4 inch wide section in the middle and pull it out from head.

Find your guide! It will be the shortest hair. You are trying to take off that corner, see it?

Cut up from the guide and get the longer hair. Scissors should be pointing towards the ceiling ūüôā

Repeat this step two more times with a section to the left of center and to the right of center.

The cutest customers are always the hardest to please!

Make sure you steal a kiss anyway!

Happy 4th of July (on the 8th)!

8 Jul

Thanks to my sister-in-laws friend, (stay with me) we did our girl’s hair in a festive hair-do for the 4th of July. ¬†Alas, we would be driving home for most of the day, but it still made me feel patriotic none the less!

I Heart Hair

13 Feb


Sorry this is a litte late.  I hope someone will be able to use this tomorrow!

A year ago I was introduced to this sweet hair-do and have loved it every since. ¬†(Thanks Meshan!) ¬†It only takes 5 minutes once you get the hang of it. ¬†Perfect for Valentine’s Day but “lovely” any other day of the year!
Here’s how to do this hair-do:
Step 1: Pull hair into a low ponytail.  If possible, use a clear elastic.  (I forgot on this one, oops.)
Step 2: Put your pointer finger in the middle of the ponytail and then join your middle finger with it.  You are making a hole to bring the hair up through.
Step 3: Pull the ponytail up through the hole. ¬†(May be some crying here, don’t sweat, just keep pulling. ¬†Makes them tough.)
Step 4: Divide the hair into two equal sections.
Step 5: Twist one section towards head, forming top of heart.  You can either use bobby pins or little clips to secure.  I love the goodie brand baby clips.  I also so got some from the dollar store that are decent.
Step 6: Repeat twist on other side and secure.
Step 7: If hair is shoulder blade length, you can finish here with one or two more clips. ¬†Because my oldest daughter’s hair is down to the middle of her back, I take the two sections and twist them together at this point.
Step 8: Tuck the twisted end up and under to hide it.  Use bobby pins to secure.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. ¬†We are working on our photography skills and one day hope to do these with video, won’t that be fun? ¬†(Good thing for my main man and his mad skills!)