About Me

Welcome to NeverADullHairDay.com!

My name is Ruth. I’m married with four young children – 3 girls and a boy (who are all picky ESPECIALLY when it comes to their hair!). I’m also a hair stylist. I worked in a salon full-time for several years until I became a mother. Now I stay home as a full-time mom, but I could never give up the hair profession fully, so I try to get my hands into other people’s hair in my spare time.

I’ve decided to combine my love for hair and my role as a mother into this blog with the hope that I can help other moms (or even dads!) in their efforts to manage their family’s hair.  Haircutting tips, hair styling how-to’s, product reviews, you name it! I’ll try to provide information on anything and everything!

If you have a question you’d like answered or a topic to suggest, please contact me. I want to blog about whatever interests my readers the most so please let me know!

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